As a gallerist, it’s important that you get your name out into the art world. Sometimes, achieving this goal can be difficult because you’re a newcomer to the industry or just opened your gallery. However, if you embrace perseverance, you’ll see results and be able to create a buzz about yourself and your gallery. Your entire career revolves around convincing people what you have is worth seeing, so keep that mindset as you start promoting yourself as a gallerist and connect with new people.

Start an authentic blog

It’s an almost unanimous opinion; if you want to create an online presence, you need to utilize blogging. You do not have to be a professional writer or an expert to create a blog. All you need to do is consistently write about your experiences and work and generate authentic, quality content. Make sure your pieces are thoughtful and something that will interest people. Learn how to run a great blog that attracts readers! Talking about your personal experiences is what people want to read, because it gives them insight into another person’s journey. Creating an authentic, personal blog, that shows you’re an individual as well as a gallerist, will attract people.

Create a sophisticated website

So many businesses and individuals have sub-par websites. As a gallerist, you want your website to be the best it can be since you work with images and visuals that are meant to impress people and display quality. If you’re inexperienced in website creation, you might want to consider hiring a web developer to create the site for you. Once it’s up and running, make sure the information gives a strong sense of who you are and your values. Consider featuring images from your gallery on the site as well, along with personal background.

Market your content on social media

Once you start creating authentic content, begin sharing it on social media accounts, whether they’re your personal accounts or through your gallery (or both). Using social media for marketing is a free or low cost way to get your name and brand into the public and attract a following. While social media marketing can be time consuming, the more you practice it, the easier it’ll become. Learn what sites artists and fans of art frequent and target those platforms.

Attend events
Another great way to promote yourself is by simply attending events. If you live in a city, there are always organizations hosting philanthropic or networking events, many of which are free to attend. You can rent a booth at fairs and sign up to volunteer at other events. It’s also important to create a strong relationship with the community around your gallery, so attend as many local events as possible. However, an important piece of advice to remember is you should always be conscious of the events you’re attending and the type of image you’re conveying. Any events that are controversial or could reflect poorly on your image should be avoided. Make yourself and your gallery a common presence in the neighborhood, whether it’s through hosting events yourself, sponsoring events, or setting up exhibitions in the surrounding neighborhood; connecting and improving the community can only help those involved.