HG Contemporary Gallery Announces Representation of 15-year-old Artist Autumn de Forest: First New York City Solo Exhibition
Opening November 8, 2017

Upcoming Shows to Feature Artists Conor McCreedy (June 1st – June 30)

Tim Bengel (September 7th – October 3rd)

Marc Gumpinger (October 5th – November 3rd) 

Autumn de Forest (November 8th – November 30th

Natvar Bhavsar (December 7th – January 1st)

New York, NY (May 16, 2017) – HG Contemporary Gallery and Philippe Hoerle-Guggenheim are excited to announce the representation of Autumn de Forest, who at 15-years-old, has already received global acclaim for her paintings. Since she began painting professionally at the age of 5, Autumn’s career has included a solo exhibition at the Butler Institute of American Art, presenting artworks in a private audience to Pope Francis, which now reside in The Vatican, and being personally selected by Michelle Obama to be appointed as the youngest artist in history to the President’s Committee on the Arts and the Humanities.

Autumn’s first New York City solo exhibition will open on Wednesday, November 8, 2017 and run through November 30, 2017.

Artwork by autumn de forest, featured at hg contemporary by philippe hoerle-guggenheim

Autumn’s family legacy includes a number of known and collected 20th century artists, including painters Roy de Forest (American, 1930-2007), Lockwood de Forest (American, 1850-1932) and George de Forest Brush (American, 1855-1941). Her artistic style has been compared to iconic abstract painters including Andy Warhol, Jackson Pollock and Pablo Picasso. 

“HG Contemporary has built a reputation in being able to find incredible and contemporary talent that speaks to the modern collector of today,” said Philippe Hoerle-Guggenheim, Founder of HG Contemporary. “We are so excited to have the opportunity to work with such a talented and inspired artist.”

Artwork by autumn de forest, featured at hg contemporary by philippe hoerle-guggenheim

HG Contemporary upcoming exhibitions include:

Conor McCreedy (June 1 – June 30, 2017): Born in South Africa, Conor is known for his richly textured, distinctively monochromatic blue coloured, large-scale splash paintings. His trademark blue color is known globally as “McCreedy blue.” The natural inspirations from his Southern African heritage are the consistently blue ocean, rich red sunsets and emerald green safari surroundings. Following his exhibition at HG Contemporary in New York City, the gallery will show his works in Porto Cervo, Italy this summer.

Tim Bengel (September 7 – October 3, 2017): Inspired from a young age on trips to the Staatsgalerie Stuttgart near his home of Ostfildern, Germany, Tim started imitating drawings of artists like Cy Twombly and Kandinsky from the age of 9. Earning his first art award at 18 for a collage made of coins depicting his view on the European financial crisis, Tim then became determined to define a technique with “great recognition value.” He developed his method of using sand, gold and glue between 2014 and 2015 before becoming a YouTube sensation by sharing videos of his process that lead to dramatic conclusions where he reveals his intricate images by letting un-glued sand and gold fall from canvases when turned vertical.  With over a quarter million social media followers, Tim now chooses his themes carefully, wanting each “to be a challenge,” and “not to be subordinated to anyone or any ideology.” His most recent video has garnered more than 136 million views.

Marc Gumpinger (October 5 – November 3, 2017):  Marc is known for using his expertise in technology and visual-effects software to paint unreal worlds in stunningly realistic ways. Having started his career in 3D imaging in the 1990’s, Marc proceeded to get a PhD in Human Biology and become the CEO of one of the most influential mobile gaming companies. He aims to “force viewers to confront our perception of reality” by challenging their ability to establish the reality of what is seen in his art.

Autumn de Forest (November 8 – November 3, 2017): At 15 years old, Autumn has received numerous honors and accolades for her artwork.  Her works can be found in collections throughout the world including the Vatican, where she had the honor of presenting artworks to Pope Francis in a private audience. Autumn’s artwork is inspired by her dreams, things she notices in passing and even commercials. Equally important to Autumn is her ongoing support of charitable and humanitarian efforts where she has donated time and paintings to support organizations including The Red Cross and Habitat For Humanity.  Autumn was also personally selected by Michelle Obama to be appointed to the President’s Committee on the Arts and the Humanities.

Artwork by autumn de forest, featured at hg contemporary by philippe hoerle-guggenheim

Natvar Bhavsar (December 7 – January 1, 2018): A noted Indian-American abstract expressionist and color field artist based in Soho, New York City, Bhavsar’s paintings appear in more than 800 private and public collections, including the collections of the Boston Museum of Fine Arts, the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York, the Philadelphia Museum of Art, the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum in New York, the Museum of Contemporary Art in Sydney, Australia, the Library of Congress and the Australian National Gallery. Bhavsar and his works have been the subject of books, including: Natvar Bhavsar: The Sound of Color, (Robert C. Morgan, 2002) and Natvar Bhavsar: Painting and the Reality of Color, (Irving Sandler, 1999).

The gallery currently features a solo show by artist Laura Kimpton, on view until May 26, 2017.  The exhibition, “If WORDS Could SPEAK,” features more than 30 works, including her Monumental Word sculptures originally conceived for and shown at Burning Man. Additionally, Kimpton is showing a new series of pieces, which are composed of colorful salvaged metal letters from Indonesia. The three-dimensional tableaus, adorned by Kimpton’s metal birds, engage viewers in word play. Also on view are Kimpton’s mixed media works including The Way Women Do ItHer Words, and the artist’s self-portraits as birds.  A video of Kimpton’s interactive opening can be viewed at https://vimeo.com/216571857.

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